Sunpak 1000AVG action video grip – New Toy!

Hello Fans, Friends, and Fellow Fanatics,

Check out my new toy! The Sunpak 1000AVG is an awesome new addition to my assortment of gear. To increase my glidecam technique’s smoothness, I decided it would be a worthwhile investment to purchase this awesome little attachment for the on sale price of $15! I would have built my own, but for just about 4 dollars over my estimated price to build one I couldn’t resist! Also, it allows for dual hot shoe connections for light and microphone! Great little feature there! In any case, I’m a happy customer.

Test footage coming soon!





Ashton & Aly Morris Wedding Video

Hello Fans, Friends, and Fellow Fanatics,

I had the Awesome opportunity of working with my brother this past weekend, Drew Burdick, of The Hunter Creative on a wedding video for some friends of ours.

On the production I worked Secondary Camera/B-roll for most of the Principal Photography stage and did most of the Reception camera operation using some of my Makeshift Glidecam techniques with the additional help of my Canon Powershot SX50 HS and its Amazing in camera Image Stabilization!

I will be doing a tutorial video later that demonstrates its prowess and my technique, but for now enjoy this Collaborated video shot by The Hunter Creative and Gearbendr Studios, Edited by Drew Burdick!