I am just a guy, a follower of Christ trying to stand for something greater than himself and prove that people can live differently and aspire to great things!  I believe that everyone has the potential to do something great and no one can say “I Can’t” because anyone can do whatever they dream if they only put their mind to it!

Join me in my quest to make animations, music, drawings, videos, illustrations and more!

“Do or Do Not, there is no Try” – Yoda


PEACE: Don’t come in here trying to start a fight. We want this to be a fun place that people can chill and have fun.

LOVE: Love your fellow chatters as yourself. We are all people and deserve to be treated well. No racist comments, bullying, insulting banter, or other harmful verbal abuse please.

UNITY: I want a harmonious environment. Twitch was designed to bring people together and I want this channel to be about creating friendships and a family, where people can be supported in the tough life experiences we are all subjected to.

RESPECT: Positivity is key in this chat! If you can’t say something nice, then just don’t say it. You want respect, be respectful. No bashing/insulting other viewers/streamers/people in general please. Also, do not talk about banned visitors or drama from other chats/streams.

HONOR: Keep this chat honorable as you never know when someone younger than you may enter the room. Keep the foul language in check and the vulgar commentary away please. Be responsible for your actions and realize that what you do affects those around you.

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