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A Writer’s Discovery

How did we get to this point?

I have often wondered how a writer comes to write or have the style that they acquired over the course of their life.  Only recently had I come across the idea that we don’t develop our style, our style develops us as writers.

Think carefully through the last visit you had to the Library or the most recent Stumble session you had on the internet.  Was it chance that, in my case, “Ender’s Game,” by Orson Scott Card fell into my path and lured me into a life of Science Fiction infatuation? Or that you became interested in the jargon and lingo of your favorite TV Show?

In my opinion I feel that words lead us on a fantastically alluring path that accentuates details in certain areas and shrouds others in a haze of thoughtlessness (though it does not eliminate them entirely).  This would explain how everyone has a unique way to their speech, their writing, their way of life.

People grow up in different situations and scenarios that place them into positions of being faced with a choice that will determine how they will react and, more importantly, who they will allow themselves to become through the experience.

I was sadly not much of a writer or reader in my younger years.  I wish it had been otherwise, but that was the hand I was dealt.  My time was spent in the world of video games and television–hence my studying filmmaking.  I also took a strong interest in acrobatics, extreme sports and–music.  I was everything from a Band Nerd practicing hours on my Euphonium (don’t worry if you don’t know what that is–think of a miniature Tuba) to a Tech Geek locked away in the Video lab at the top of a tower with no windows.

I discovered a love for writing in my 10th grade of high school.  I retired to a home in South Carolina with my family and spent many days alone in my house with not a thing to do but dabble on the keyboard playing PC games such as “Arcanum”, “Prince of Persia” and “Medieval: Total War”.  But then one day my family went to the local Library to to pick up some materials for homeschool work.  Science was the subject.

While my mother and sisters searched for textbooks, I meandered about the foreign world.  And then I saw it.  The most beautiful sight I had ever laid my ‘ocular watchtowers’ on.

The Science Fiction and Fantasy section loomed before me with a vast array of books.  I was in awe, as a child in awe of their hero upon the first meeting, as I prodded the spines of each book as my feet moved in their own mind down the corridor of knowledge that would forever change my life.  This was a world that I fit into almost perfectly–like a plumber’s hand down a toilet bowl.

It was then that I stumbled upon a book that would spark my reading and writing career to an exceptional level that has now led me to this moment–writing this Blog.  The smooth cover of the paperback book, the rough cream pages with a tint of brown, felt like clockwork placed in the inner workings of a clock tower as I turned them and read carefully through the introduction.

I had to have the book.  Hadn’t even started and I was hooked.  Though I would come to know and love many other books, I remember best the first Science Fiction Novel I ever read.  I wrote for months straight and never left my keyboard until the plastic squares lost their painted letters and plucked themselves from the keyboard.

It was a great moment in my life masked by a ‘series of unfortunate events’ that unfolded in that luxurious year I spent plundering books of their entertainment and stories.

All that for another time another blog.

For now I will leave you with this.  What was your first instant that you discovered your love and passion for what you do?  It doesn’t have to be writing or filmmaking.

Please comment below with your story of discovery.

Thanks once again for reading.  

Tune in for my next DAILY BLOG!

Signing out–

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