Hey All,

So I am back in shooting mode and I hope to ride it out all the way until my Thesis film this time.  This weekend I shot a short film based around a simple yet terrifying awkward moment.  No spoilers in this Article, but the ‘Production Stills’ along with the title may give you an idea.

For this film, I had the privilege once again to work with the talented and diverse actor/voice talent, Jason Burkhead, who appears in a good number of my films such as “Sleepless“, “The Conversation“, and “Twist“.  Always a pleasure working with him as he is a solid worker and has a good attitude no matter what the role he is playing demands.  I recommend him for the genres of Suspense, Drama, and Comedy, but his abilities exceed those limitations and he has the will and talent to adapt and become any role that he faces.

I also had a chance to bring a new face to the film screen.  Tanesa Jones, who hopes to become a prospering actress, joined our crew for a small, but necessary role that gives this comedic short film it’s humorous edge.

Overall, this was a successful film shoot and after an afternoon dedicated to punching out a rough cut of the film I am very satisfied and anxious to get started on the film score for my silent comedy film.  If you haven’t seen a comedy film of my style yet, check out “Car Wash“, an older film that I made which can bring a laugh or two.

Thanks for checking out my update and be sure to come back and watch for more info on the release date of the short film as well as my upcoming projects!

Have a great night and keep doing what you love and one day it will pay off!

-Signing out

3 thoughts on ““QUICK CHANGE” My new Comedy Film (COMING SOON)”

    1. I am debating on whether to put it online first or wait for a Film Festival, because I know that some film festivals like the films to Premiere and then you can put them online.

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