Hey Guys,

Today someone mentioned to me that they “Would like to see exactly what the Philippines was like because it sounded interesting but they knew nothing of it”.–and then it hit me that I have a massive collection of pictures and video footage of the beautiful country that I haven’t released to the public.

I also came to the conclusion that doing an article series based around different aspects of life there and otherworldly locations that I myself can’t even believe to be real.

Considering that The Philippines is a big portion of my life, culture, and personality, I figured it would be a topic worth posting on my Personal Blog Page.

A lot of people that I talk to don’t fully grasp what my background was like.  They know I grew up in the Philippines and spent almost 20 years of my life in the country, but they don’t know exactly what to expect if they were to visit for vacation or filmmaking opportunities.

As a lot of people are interested in going to the Philippines for visits, let me give you all the scoop on what to expect through some of my personal experiences and unique opportunities that I have had throughout my life there.

One of the most interesting locations to visit (and is one of the key tourist attractions) is SUBIC BAY.

Subic Bay is ‘a major ship-repair, supply, and rest and recreation facility of the U.S. Navy’.  Around the Naval Base is survival training grounds and a massive Animal Habitat that is almost the equivalent of walking into the 1995 Robin Williams film, ‘Jumanji’ with lush jungles and deadly creatures.

My family and I went to Subic Bay for a trip.  I have been through the Survival Training program many times from Boy Scouts, but for this blog post I will stick to the animals.

As you will see in the photo gallery below there are a variety of different animals and scenarios that one visiting would encounter.

Sea life, close quarters with animals that could kill you, barred jeepneys that lead you into a tiger pen, walking on a bridge over a sea of crocodiles, insects and much much more are all included in the adventure of going to Subic Bay.  Though that is not all we did while we were there–too much to show for one blog post.

Enjoy looking through the photos (All taken by me)!

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