Television’s Effect on Society

Hello Fans, Friends and Fellow Film Fanatics,

Have you noticed that today’s Television Entertainment standard is drastically different from that of our childhood–speaking to those in early to mid 20s.  There are so many shows out there now that have no purpose other than to dull the brains of children (and adults) and pass time. The greatest culprit of this delusion of children is Disney Channel.  Sorry Disney fans, but we are not speaking of the great animation phenomena that creates heartfelt films and loveable characters, we are talking about the ridiculous teen dramas that are all predictable and overplayed comedic scenes that try way too hard to be funny.  Sure the channel provides opportunities for young teen actors and inspires children everywhere, but at what cost, and what direction is this inspiration?  What examples are being shown to the broad public of America’s youth?

There are no moral lessons other than to talk back to your parents, be a complete jerk to your friends, try everything you can to be cool and forget what is most important for the sake of acquiring fame.  Every once in a while there is a ‘heartfelt,’ moment, but honestly, I don’t believe that a poorly executed kissing scene is an accurate definition of the word.  Although, in today’s society, it seems to be all that matters.  Sex, violence, and ‘Don’t do Drugs’ (Around your Parents), bullying, and striving to be normal and like everyone else; these are the messages being displayed worldwide.  How are we supposed to expect them to act righteously in a tough situation, be able to stand against persecution of their peers for doing something brave, or have any semblance of a conscience, if we allow the next generation to be consumed by this ‘crap’?

Whatever happened to true Television series?  Shows that teach you something daily, connect you to grand and unforgettable characters that become your friends along their journey and help you in your life struggles for a positive influence?  Think of the top 10 shows you watched as a kid and match them up to the top ten shows of today’s television directed for youth.  Though the films you come up with were childish, they still had meaning and direction.  It is amazing that we once looked up to people who had real purpose on the TV screens, as opposed to the one hit wonder Disney channel stars.

I feel bad for them though, because they are being completely used.  Their career depends on one or two roles and when they really need to be experimenting with different roles to get better as actors.  This ultimately leads to them not being able to play any other role.  Therefore, after the show is over and two crappy Disney Channel movies are released and they are done with that series, the actor is cut to fight for their career.  I would hate to have that thrust upon me.

At the same time that these terrible shows are melting the minds of future generations, there are a lot of quality shows out there as well.  Shows for learning such as, the continuation of Mythbusters, Most Dangerous Cameramen, Any of the shows on National Geographic, and A&E has new dramas that are appealing, yet often unoriginal (yes these are my choices of shows and channels to watch, but everyone has different opinions).

Television has gone down hill in some ways, but developed in many other ways.  It is only a matter of time before the world is controlled by what they see on TV.  OH WAIT!  That has already happened.

Well, that is my 2 cents on TV Shows of today.  I will be breaking into more detail later as this is just a teaser to my real thoughts.

Dawson Burdick

-Signing Out

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