Snakes at my school!

Hello Fans, Friends, and Fellow Film Fanatics,

I return from a long absence from my blog with an interesting story of grandeur, adventure and heroism as I saved a poor soul from a terrible and demented fate.

I was, on the fine morning of September the 4th, returning to my car in order to retrieve (or procure) some forgotten object of little importance–this unimportant article being my entire school bag–when on my trek up the great path of Ai Charlotte “what ho?” I happened to stumble across the path of a terrifying black snake of “gigantus enormity”—approximately 4.56 feet in length.  EGAD!  Most people would say to snakes even much smaller than this, but not I said the tall stick man–yes that means me.

I swooped in curiously to take a few photographs before plucking the poor creature (carefully and delicately so not to hurt him) from the ground by his slimy middle all moist from the rain water that doused the ground.  Then, I positioned him at the top of the stairs in order to “shoo” him away into the bushes and thus to safety, as I assumed that was his trajectory of interest.  Were I to be wrong, this could have been detrimental to the creature’s existence.  Haha!

As he slithered on towards the vast abyss of shrubbery I watch, once again pulling my phone camera from my pocket to capture his escape on video.  These are the pictures of the great snakes escapade.  I bid you farewell and ask that you enjoy my public exploitation of this event.  Good day to you all!

This adventure inspired a short story that I will be writing and completing as soon as possible.  For those of you interested–PLEASE stay tuned!  Thanks again!  Enjoy the pictures.

Signing out

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