Media’s Effect on Society: Where We Went Wrong

Hello Fans, Friends and Fellow Film Fanatics,

In our efforts to create comfort, ease and simplicity in human connectivity, we have destroyed and limited depth and capacity for true human interaction (Love and Care for Others) in our society.  We have substituted words on a small screen that is readily accessible in our pockets for the long walks, lunch conversations, meaningful quality time with family and ultimately decayed the very essence and meaning of friendship and relationship with others in our lives.  We have seen people more as inconveniences to our “work” and laborious dilly dallying online and it is only getting worse.  We settle for being jacked in to the media industry and its constant barrage of negativity over doing what we are called to do, which is love others and pour into them positive encouragement.  What a corrupt world we now live in–the future has become a Dystopia after all like George Orwell’s 1984 depicts.  We have just been exposed to it slowly enough and over a long enough period of time that we no longer have the ability or observation skills and awareness of the world around us to notice that life–The true Meaning of Life–is being sucked from our hearts leaving behind stoic metal rotors and rusting pistons that are solely focused on maintaining their repetitive cycle of motion.  The world has lost sight of much and agreed to settle for simple pleasures.  The media is a drastically effecting contributor.  We watch TV merely to pass the time and use up what little brain power and energy that we have just to feed the addiction to knowing every detail of the world, yet the people who need our love, time, affection and attention are sitting beside us with no words exchanged.

So, where did we go wrong?  How did the world lose interest in personal connection and investment in those around them?  Technology presents simultaneously a gift and a curse.  Technological advancements benefit us in so many ways and allow a vast level of communication to be expressed to many, but often times we brag about how many friends we have on a social media site “I have 572 friends on Facebook”, “Well, I have 648 friends!” I heard two people say and I thought to myself–But would any of those people who you call “Friends” be there for you in a fix.  Help you out of a bind.  Talk you through a difficult time at 4 in the morning?  A true friend is willing to make sacrifices, not just see you as a number on a page.

Have you ever noticed that when you go camping, time seems to slow down or even stop completely for a time.  And you become lost in the basic needs of life–everything else fades from the world and you truly find what is important in your life.  It is a great time to think and just get away.  If I could go back to the time before electronics, I would first be working with raw machines and probably contribute to bringing about the disaster I would be trying to prevent that is technology, but I would at least enjoy the time when nothing was overly complicated.  There are so many options and media related AD’s or contraptions fighting for your time that you just get sucked into the downward vortex of not doing anything.  We consider it work, but staring at a screen waiting for the next Facebook post or Instagram picture on your news feed is not work.  As much as you would like it to be.  Multitasking and hurrying about trying to achieve a list of time consuming tasks can wear you down and drag you into a depressed unaccomplished state of being.  It’s unhealthy.

Technology is designed to speed up your world, yet I read some GREAT advice in a book by Jon Ortburg (The Life You’ve Always Wanted) recently that said

“We Must Ruthlessly Eliminate Hurry From Our Lives,”

And that is the truth!  Computers/iPads/iPods/Cellphones/Tech Etc…  All of those things create constant barriers in our lives and the first step to mastering and learning them is to realize that we can live and do just as well without them.  Whichever career path you are pursuing in computers or really in any path these days where you come into contact with technology in some way or another, find the simplest version of that craft and remember why you appreciate it and started pursuing that goal in the first place.  Taking time to reorient yourself is critical to success.  My Faith is a huge part of my success and I wouldn’t be half the man I am today if I didn’t break myself down to really look at what I really was in it for.  I constantly ask myself, am I in it to Glorify myself or Glorify The Lord?

My challenge to you would be to find what motivates you to want to do what you do and break it down.  Take some time in solitude to learn why it is your passion and then return to it with that new perspective.

As a society, if we keep finding ways to justify rules, reason, justice, purpose, Faith and God out of our professions and our lives in general then what do we really have left?  (Might be the reason why so many people hate their jobs and dread going to work.)  What drives you?  What motivates you?  What gives you the fire to go on when you can’t bear to take a step in your life?  For me that is my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!  How does God apply to Technology?  Why would He care about a man made invention like technology, or finances, or sports like football, or anything that we do on this earth?—Probably because you care about it.

And that is about all I have to say on that subject for now.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I will leave you with a couple Bible Verses to ponder as I close out this blog post.

Philippians 4:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

John 7:6

Therefore Jesus told them, “My time is not yet here; for you any time will do.

Every moment we have is a gift.  Use it wisely and don’t worry about all of the millions of things out there that are trying to get you to do just that.  Every day has enough worry and stress in it.  Find a way to be a gift to the people in your circle today and every day and I promise you that the world will shrink as will your worries.

-Signing Out

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