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Daily Thought #1

I will be doing Daily Thoughts about LIFE, FAITH, and DAILY REVELATIONS I have on here and I might as well start now.


Often asked questions we get confused by: Am I on the right path? Is this what I am supposed to do? Is this what God has planned for me?

I personally BELIEVE that if you do something naturally and with enough DRIVE, DETERMINATION and PASSION behind it for a purpose greater than yourself and for the LORD, then the devil will throw Everything he can in your way. You will face adversity, difficulty, trial, tribulations, loss, pain, heartache, doubt, fear, rejection by this world, you will never fully meet earthly standards, and be an outcast in some occasions in this world. This is because when you take a bold step in the glorious and wonderful name of JESUS CHRIST and choose to STAND FIRM against all odds when the earthly realm says you will fail. When you FIGHT THE WAVES of the chaotic seas of the world around you, then you will know. Then you can be CONFIDENT. Then you can RISE ABOVE and be what you were truly born to be–a great piece in the master plan God predetermined for all of our lives, whether it seems small to us or overwhelmingly unattainable. A FORCE for GOOD and full of LOVE in the dark world that only grows darker and more fierce like a lion. So again, I say to the question “Am I on the right path?”…. If you are struggling and fighting with all your might, feel like you can never get ahead, face a wall and trial at every turn and are being molded and shaped and strengthened with each day (though you feel you are weakening), then you most certainly are on the right path. Stay true and NEVER GIVE UP!The most difficult things in life are the most worth the battle, sometimes they are costly, but never unworthy….and Following Christ is for sure one of those paths.You don’t BECOME A SKILLED SAILOR without facing the storms of life.


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