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Daily Thought #2 – BEST screenwriting TIP ever!

Hello Fans, Friends, and fellow film fanatics, There is a
famous quote that says–
–“you learn ten times more in an hour of reading that six hours writing.”

There is so much truth to that
statement, especially when talking about writing screenplays as
well only it is a little different. Writing isn’t all fun and games though. Most often it is knit and grit, roughing it out and wrestling with ideas to form them into believable people you want
your audience to sympathize with. Can’t sympathize with a “Robot” right? Wait….. -Artificial Intelligence, Bicentennial Man,
Wall-E, I’robot, Robocop, New show; Being Human, The Web Series: Drone
& Sync, etc..

Hmmmm. Each of them have character regardless
of their emotion deficiency. Therefore we come to love these
characters and care about them on their journeys. So how does one
get Good at creating lovable characters?

Here is the Tip!!
Start with what you know. What made the characters in your favorite series’ so captivating? Why did you
watch them struggle week after week? Think through what made them

So now for the challenge:

Choose a TV series, often times I choose series that I have had an
emotional connection to or one that I would have liked to write and
I watch the episodes one by one. But, there is a catch!! While
doing so, I frequently pause to write my own interpretations of
scenes and then do a side by side comparison with the script for
the series and the way it was shot and note the differences. Find
the patterns in the stories you love and try implementing those
strategies and formulas into your own original concepts and you
won’t believe what happens. –And another thing. There have been so
many series that started off awful, but have incredible character
development that spawned from continuous years of investment into a
character’s life and story. This being said, don’t throw out a
character or a story just because it needs developing. You may have
a secret gold mine on your hands! Below is a beloved series of mine
that I am going through and analyzing. 🙂 gotta love the TV series
of your childhood. –Geadbendr Signing


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