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Daily Thought #3 – The Perfect Writing Schedule

Hello Fans, Friends, and Fellow Film Fanatics,

Most people have good ideas. Some even have “great” ideas! But, we all seem to have difficulty finding out the effective writing process that gets things done and pulls those ideas out of our heads and onto paper. So, like me, you are probably searching frantically online trying to figure out how these others “the greats” became successful in the writing industry.

How did they start?

How do they pump out scripts week after week for TV series, month after month and year after year. Do they have some secret?

Some over abundance of intelligence or creativity that I will never seem to be able to grasp?

Nope! They are normal people with normal lives and often times, normal jobs that have just learned how to master their own personal schedule and manage their time wisely and effectively. There is no tutorial for that as every life is different and personalized.

In Modern days like these, time management is the most forgotten and lost art that seems foreign to the budding young “professionals” that colleges are spitting out. You look for a solid worker for your industry or your crew, someone reliable–you will be looking very hard and long my friend. It’s a rare case to find those traits. People will be people, but they are your audience.

Another thing is Passion! So many talented artists have lost their passion for what they so because the world beat it out of them. Stole their sacred flame, their light. Don’t listen to the ones who sit back and tell you what to do. Be the active one who “Does” great things and inspires others to get off their couches and do the same!

So, Here’s the Deal!

For those of you serious about writing, plot out your days and rigorously arrange it in a mechanical and militarily strict format in which you have time to write and Never compromise on your writing time. Sounds harsh I know, but welcome to the real life of the working artist/writer. This journey isn’t easy!

Give yourself a goal by goal achievement list. Videos games love this philosophy and so many people get addicted to finishing quests and completing tasks in games, but life is the same way.

Find out what your “Ultimate Goal” is, break it down into smaller “Daily Goals” and then implement it day after day in “Tasks” needed to complete that goal or that script.

It will seem strange to calculate your life and manage your time strictly if you have always gone with the flow, it will cause you to make tough choices and cost you some enjoyable opportunities even at times, but you will thank me in the end when you push through the difficulty and come out victorious and are able to hold the name “True professional writer”!

Good luck to you! You should be writing that great idea in your head right now!

Gearbendr Signing Out

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