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Sketch of the Day #1 – Weapon Study (Sword)


Hello Fans, Friends and Fellow Film Fanatics,
The other day I was cleaning up some scrap cardboard from a recent set design project and randomly decided to start doodling a schematic. Of course I didn’t use a ruler or any kind of symmetry techniques to create it, so it is incredibly rough. What I did use though, was a challenge: To make the entire prop schematic from tracing shapes and angles of materials and assorted objects I could find around the garage.

It is very enjoyable to apply little challenges and criteria into your artwork. Makes you think a lot harder and be more resourceful!

Let me know what you think!
Should I doodle a schematic for a helmet next? A gauntlet? Maybe another weapon?
What would you like to see?

Also, If you would like me to build this original sword concept out of foam and make a tutorial I would like to meet my easy goal of getting this blog up to 100 views this week!

Thanks guys! Stay tuned for more! Going to be posting my artwork up to date next!

Gearbendr Signing Out

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