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Daily thought #4 – A Writer’s Secret Weapon

Hello Fans, Friends, and Fellow Film Fanatics,

Have you ever noticed recurring themes in specific days your life?—A day where you cannot seem to escape a moral lesson that moves your personal story farther along?
Or more simply, a simple reappearing subject that leaves you awestruck, intrigued, thought filled, distraught, or a number of different emotions as you lay quietly on your bed staring at your ceiling.

So what is salvageable about those horrid days in which everything goes wrong and Murphy’s Law rains relentlessly down on you to the point of almost being crushed. –or days when you find out some damaging or greatly enlightening or disturbing news about a close friend that will drastically change the nature of your friendship tomorrow at work or school? On days when you are on top of the world and can barely contain the emotions that are tightly wound into the events of the day and you want it to last forever. You want it immortalize that moment.

These are just a few examples.

So, you ask, how does this have anything to do with a writer’s greatest secret? Shouldn’t I be doing some form of writing training? Grammar drills? Maybe even work on writing a novel or screenplay? (If you are able the last option, then stop here and GET TO WORK!) if not—

The greatest writing secret that I can offer you is to get you to think through not only your life, but the lives of those around you. Think of the phrase “Living a day in someone’s shoes” and implement it into your daily routine and your writing.
Carry a journal: this will be your life line. Write down everything; observations, daydreams, things you witness in life…Realizations you discover about the guy you see everyday sitting on the bus ride you take to pick up your child from daycare, or the people you talk to who work in your regular coffee shop or fast food restaurants on your break, the strange neighbors with their peculiar habits or lifestyle.
These and the many other characters found in real people around you are resources to your imagination. Heroes, villains, supporting characters, love interest…etc.
Some Questions to answer:
What causes them to act the way they do?
Why are they the way they are?
Who affected them in order to inspire or digress their mental or emotional level?
Where are they from?

Perception is everything. If Psychologist are the analysts of behavior and mental health, then a screenwriter is the analyst of scenarios and situational drama.

Always be vigilant about your surroundings and WRITE IT DOWN IN YOUR JOURNAL! Record everything…You never know when it will become important in your upcoming story.

I have the personal challenge of writing down my thoughts and ideas daily in a thought journal and I cannot tell you how many scripts or short stories have come from that book and that process. I would highly recommend the habit.

It truly is a Writer’s Secret and Greatest Weapon.

Gearbendr Signing Out

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