Why The Seahawks Destroyed the Broncos! Super Bowl XLVIII



I don’t know who was QB for the Broncos last night, but it was not PEYTON MANNING!  He never throws that badly during a game.  They never showed up at all and were by all means not fired up and ready.  The Broncos stayed holed up in their locker room and were unprepared the entire night.  Great guy and an incredible athlete for being in his late 30s, but Manning was NO MATCH for the lightning quick Defense of the Seahawks!  They were on top of their game for sure!


Say What?!  This was the biggest blow out I have ever seen in a game since I started following football!  Not super long and I am not a huge Football fan or anything, but I do like to be entertained.  Last night was about as interesting as a Calf getting slaughtered.  Yes, I am a Broncos fan, but I rooted for the Seahawk Underdogs too!  The only real thing that I am upset about is that it wasn’t even a FIGHT!  From the start with an Early Snap over the Shoulder for the Safety Manning’s worst game of his career boomed into action…  With Denver being favored by 3 touchdowns, this was a discouraging turn out for the entire team.  On the other hand, Russel Wilson lead the charge with extreme precision, but not without the incredible help from their amazing Seahawk Defense.

Every time the ball was thrown, the Seahawks seemed to read the mind of Coach Fox and with light speed blitzes or defensive plays, they left a very scrawny horse in the center of a ring of giants!  Like the road kill deer swarmed with hungry vultures on the road this morning that I saw on my drive to work.  Too much irony in that sight.  Of all the days right?

Anyways, Kudos to all of the Seahawks Defensive players for one of the best teamwork efforts I think I personally have ever witnessed in sports.  Probably why they are known as the best Defense.  Their timing was flawless and it helped that the Broncos couldn’t do anything right other than salvage at least a smidgen of their dignity with a TD and a 2-PT Conversion.  This is awful because Peyton hasn’t had below 20 points but Twice this season!

Though the Broncos are claimed to have the best offense and (I Still Believe) the best QB in the business, last night was just a massacre against the bigger fighter in the ring.  The underdogs took the win and they certainly deserved it with that spectacle last night.  Peyton didn’t bring his “A” game to the Championship game and cracked under the pressure.  Poor guy.  The sadness in him last night was pretty hard to watch.

Which all leads us too the simple, but very true and affective answer to–


In the words of my Friend Houth Som, “Having a Strong Defensive Game Wins Championships!” 

It doesn’t matter how strong the Offense or Individual Players are if you can’t break down the opponents’ STONE WALL to use that “secret weapon”.  Nuff said.

Maybe Next Year there will be a decent game…

-Gearbendr Signing Out


4 thoughts on “Why The Seahawks Destroyed the Broncos! Super Bowl XLVIII

  1. You are absolutely right! I continued to do research and it turns out there was something definitely going on. Throw in a stroke of bad luck with the early hike-safety issue and it totally fell apart for Denver. 😦

    1. what if anything is going to be done about this? Things like this is going on a lot and not much is being done about it and I dont think I will watch football any more, Denver should have won with no trouble at all but one less person not watching football wont matter very much but I will sure feel better.

      1. Haha! Same here! I believe so too. I was a huge broncos fan and that was just depressing! I may still watch football, but not going to root for any teams. So many times there are things going on and the referees just play into it.

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