Shaun White Drops The Gold! Where Did He Go Wrong?


WHAT HAPPENED?!  Where Did Shaun White Go Wrong?

After TWO GOLD MEDALS, Shaun White finally hit his wall.  Unfortunate for all of us fans who have been rooting him on along the way, we had to see a hero fall.  He was doing so well in the Snowboarding sport, but when push came to shove, he just didn’t have it.  Why?  Where did he go wrong?

He had all of the tricks up his sleeve to make it to the podium and possibly even go home with the Gold for the third time.

In my personal opinion, I believe that it has everything to do with a statement that he made which included the fact that he “Didn’t train for three days before the event,”!

Who does that?  Don’t get me wrong, I was rooting for him the whole way and 4th is still okay, but no, not on the podium.  Mega props to Switzerland’s Iouri Podladtchikov, who scored a brutal 94.75!!  That was a vicious run and he totally deserved the Gold!  If anyone deserved the win, it was him.


Look at that happy face of the New Champion!  Podladtchikov definitely was pleasantly surprised that he won and SO WERE WE!!

No one saw it coming until he finished his breath taking run!  Also, I want to give credit to the Silver and Bronze Medalists, who were both from Japan, a country I am rooting for as well, Ayumu Hirano (SIL) and Taku Hiraoka (BRZ).  What a great event and equally great competitors!

Back to Shaun White;

thinking below the surface of his new fresh hair style that he wanted to impress everyone with at the Olympics, I believe that it was the clear sign of his inevitable downfall.  He evidently was not as confident as he had the right to be, coming in with a record that he has.

Walking up the massive ramp into the stadium, it was almost like he was embodying a modern day Samson and getting the hair cut was a bold statement that said to me that he felt a need to impress his fans and a fear that he might not have it in him.  That ultimately tore down his skill and left him as just another competitor in the end.

So, where did he go wrong?  He didn’t per say do anything wrong other than get a mixture of being cocky and not have inner confidence in his abilities and that resulted in him being overtaken by the underdog.

-Underdogs who truly want it and have the drive and desire always win, just a matter of when. (No matter what field it is, whether it’s an Olympic sport or getting that raise at work.)  Hard work is always rewarded!  Don’t get discouraged if it takes longer than you planned.

So never give up and never surrender! – Galaxy Quest

Gearbendr Signing Out

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