CAPTAIN AMERICA Blender 3D Tribute Workflow

Hello Fans, Friends, and Fellow Fanatics,

Sorry for not posting lately, I have been working on some big projects, but I wanted to do a little post on a small project I am working on pulling together on the side!  It started as a small military experiment with a helmet experiment working with the SUBSURF MODIFIER effect.  It gives smooth edges and creates a nice effect on your normally polygonal models.  I also used the SOLIDIFY MODIFIER to give some thickness and depth to it.


In Wireframe Mode you can see some of the details in the shaping.  I took a Sphere and cut it in half and extruded the edges to get the shape of the helmet and then turned a simple cube into the straps for the helmet.

CA_Helmet Textured

After giving the helmet shape and applying the Modifiers, I worked on the textures for the helmet.  Giving it a simple military feel.

CA_Helmet Final

Give it a quick Render and see what it looks like!

Feeling inspired after seeing the Captain America: Winter Soldier film, I decided to throw in some tribute materials into it and make a cool little package animation using some of these techniques.

Screenshot (15)

After the Wireframe is completed, I apply textures to that, and give the text a slight Glossy Material setting.

Screenshot (14)

And of course, I had to do something Characteristic of the “Star-Spangled Man with a Plan”.  So I am working on building the shield.


Just a start.  I have a few more additions coming.  But let me know what you think!

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